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'Allo 'Allo Episode Guide

version 2.4
Mark Thompson (markt at marktv dott org)

with lots of help and detective work from:
Jeff Peck (ejpeck@syr.edu)
Jerry Grefenstette (SamNHisDog@aol.com)

and further assistance from:
Moray Nichols (moray@gumdrops.demon.co.uk)
Anthony Brown (abrowne@cix.compulink.co.uk)
Don Hearth (hearth@netcom.netcom.com)
Keith Wickham (kwickham@intonet.co.uk)

and even more help from lots of people on the Internet

'Allo 'Allo

(BBC, Fall 1984 - 1992, color, 30 mins. (mostly))

A hilarious British sitcom by Jeremy Lloyd and David Croft - their (IMHO) best and longest running. Only the first 5 seasons (known in Britain as "series", and henceforth referred to in that way) were released in America prior to 1994, so that's all most Americans have seen.

'Allo 'Allo is one of the relatively few "continuous sitcoms" ever produced. It is a show where plot elements develop from episode to episode and even from series to series. Series cliffhangers, personality developments, and continuing plot points practically require 'Allo 'Allo to be watched in sequence, a point which is not true of most other sitcoms, where episodes are fairly interchangeable. While other sitcoms may deal peripherally with continuity (characters may be "written out" of the show, for instance), few have developing plotlines throughout a series, like the "Hitler's Painting In a Sausage" plot, or any of the various escape plans for the British Airmen.

The episode titles listed below for series 1-4 are the official BBC episode titles, while those for series 5-9 were made up by myself on my own. The real titles for later series are simply unknown, as far as I know... indeed, it is only in the most recent re-broadcast that the episode titles for series 1-4 have been discovered. Since the reruns have stopped, though, with only a couple dozen episodes aired, we may not ever find out the real episode titles for series 5-9. Because I have maintained the definitive 'Allo 'Allo guide for so many years, and many people use this guide as their listing, I have also mentioned the "old" episode titles (the ones I made up before we knew the official titles) for the episodes from series 1-4 so you can find your favorites, in case someone else is using the former titles. I have heard, for instance, that some TV stations use this episode guide for reporting which episodes are being shown on which nights.

A gentleman from the UK by the name of Anthony Brown (abrowne@cix.compulink.co.uk) was kind enough to supply the count of the number of episodes in each series used to start this guide back in the mid-90's. The list is below, having since been further augmented. He's also supplied the original air dates of the episodes, shown below, as well as a summary of some of the plot elements from memory of Series 6-9. Some further episode counts have been added and corrected by Stephen Dawson and Jerry G. Further airdate information, along with airtimes, was provided by Keith Wickham.

Air Dates

# of eps
Air Dates
Pilot 1 episode (Thurs 30 Dec 1982, then
rerun 7 Sep 84 to lead into Series 1.
Rerun again 25 Dec 90 as part of
"Christmas Day Classic Comedy")
Series 1 7 episodes (run: 14 Sep 84 - 26 Oct 84;
repeated summer 85)
Series 2 6 episodes(run: 21 Oct 85 - 25 Nov 85;
repeated summer 86)
1 episode(run: 26 Dec 85 (7:40 pm);
rpt 22 Dec 87)
Series 3 6 episodes(run: 5 Dec 86 - 9 Jan 87;
rpt 12 Sep 87 - 17 Oct 87)
Series 4 6 episodes (run: 7 Nov 87 - 12 Dec 87;
rpt 19 Jun 88 - 24 Jul 88)
Series 5 26 episodes (run: 3 Sep 88 - 25 Feb 89;
rpt Jan-Aug 90 (see note) )
Series 6 8 episodes (run: 2 Sep 89 - 21 Oct 89;
rpt 3 Sep 90 - 22 Oct 90)
Series 7 10 episodes (run: 5 Jan 91 - 16 Mar 91;
rpt 5 Sep 91 - 7 Nov 91)
Special 2
1 episode (run: 24 Dec 91;
not yet repeated)
Series 87 episodes (run: 5 Jan 92 - 1 Mar 92;
rpt 8 Jun 92 - 10 Aug 92)
Series 96 episodes (run: 9 Nov 92 - 14 Dec 92;
not yet repeated)
10th Anniversary
1 episode (run: 17 Aug 94 ;
not yet repeated)

Note that the reruns of Series 5 were spaced widely apart due to the World Cup that year (and due to the number of episodes). It took nearly eight months for all 26 episodes to be shown.

Prior to 1994, Series 6-10 had not been shown in the USA to my knowledge.

Versions of this guide before Version 1.3 listed seven episodes in Series 3, which caused it to list a "missing" episode 5.25. This was incorrect (there is no missing episode). This will be further explained in the listing before episode 5.26 below.

Episode Listings

Each episode is numbered in the form X.Y where X is the series number and Y is the order within the series.

Click on any episode title to go to the full description and details about that episode.

---( WARNING! Spoilers Abound In The Full Descriptions!! )---

Please note: Series 1 through 4 now show the correct BBC-issued titles, but also indicate the title the episode had in this guide previously (when I had to make up my own titles). Later series still have no known official titles.

Pilot (1982)

Series 1 (1984)

Series 2 (1985)

Christmas Special 1 (1985)

Series 3 (1986-87)

Series 4 (1987)

Series 5 (1988-89)

Series 6 (1989)

Series 7 (1991)

Christmas Special 2

Series 8 (1992)

Series 9 (1992)

10th Anniversary Special (1994)

Due to the size of this episode guide, it has been broken into three (roughly equal-sized) files. You may either click on an episode or series above to go to the appropriate place in the file(s), or you may browse the files more directly by clicking on one of the links below:

Series 1-4

Series 5

Series 6-9

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