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Pictures from 'Allo 'Allo

All pictures are black-and-white unless otherwise noted.

palocast.gif (49K) (color) Flick, Helga, Edith, and Rene behind the bar in an early promo picture. This is the same photo as "emliga.jpg", except it's a wider-angle shot (and the scan of the photo is smaller).
michelle.gif (45K) Michelle of the resistance poses for a stylish photo.
yvette.gif (42K) Yvette smiles while leaning against a tree for the camera.
aacast.jpg (31K) Black and white cast photo from series 3. (same as on credits page)
emliga.jpg (14K) (color) Rene and Edith posing together at the bar in a promo picture.
allocst1.jpg (118K) (color) Rene, Edith, Flick, and Helga posing in an early promo shot.
allocst9.jpg (75K) (b&w) The cast in a promo shot for series 9, the final season.
yvettedusting.jpg (21K) Yvette, dressed as a French maid, dusting at the Chateau.
hitleryouth.jpg (21K) Flick and Helga watch carefully at the Kaiser's Birthday party as girls dressed as Hitler Youth do Old Bavarian Dances..
duel.jpg (38K) Gruber watches as Rene and Alphonse prepare to duel for Edith's hand.
bols.jpg (26K) Rene instinctively ducks behind the bar while still delicately holding his Bols. Gin, that is...
mimi.jpg (20K) Mimi in disguise.
pow.jpg (26K) Rene, Edith, and Yvette, in disguise as British officers in the POW camp.
vineyard.jpg (61K) Rene and Yvette find a private spot in the vineyard.
airmenfanny.jpg (28K) Fanny and Leclerc smirk at the airmen.
flickhelga.jpg (23K) Flick and Helga share a fiendish moment in a field.
grubertank.jpg (24K) Gruber poses in his little tank.
alphonse.jpg (47K) A big closeup of Alphonse.
crabtree.jpg (14K) Officer Crabtree is on the case!
reneleclerc.jpg (21K) Rene & Leclerc & a loaf of bread.
renebegs.jpg (20K) Rene begs for his life from the German officers.
renedrag.jpg (19K) Rene in drag.
renehelmet.jpg (27K) Rene in a German helmet.
reneedith.jpg (18K) Rene and Edith posing in front of the Cafe.

Video Captures

All video captures are in color.
aagrubey.jpg (28K) Gruber in drag.
aagroup.jpg (31K) Rene and Edith are surprised by Gruber in drag appearing from the back room.
aagoodword.jpg (51K) Gruber wistfully tells Rene he'll put in a good word for him.
aalt2.jpg (53K) Gruber looks upset, while riding in his little tank.
aaltcol.jpg (51K) Col. Von Strohm and Gruber discuss the situation.
aarene.jpg (51K) Rene polishes a glass at the bar.
aarene2.jpg (25K) A head-and-sholuders shot of Rene.
aarene3.jpg (25K) Another head-and-sholuders shot of Rene.
aarene4.jpg (42K) Moments later, Rene has apparently figured something out.
aarg.jpg (46K) Gruber, while in drag, has something to show Rene.
aargc.jpg (50K) Moments later, Rene and Gruber are joined by the Colonel - in drag.
bedknobs.jpg (37K) Fanny is so shocked by the "flashing knobs" that Leclerc pops up in bed beside her.
flick.jpg (37K) Flick strikes an imposing stance.
knockwurst.jpg (37K) Herr Flick "flashes" Helga, showing her where he has hidden the knockwursts.
maria.jpg (37K) Maria (Francesca Gonshaw) poses for the credits.
leclerc.jpg (37K) Monsieur Leclerc (Jack Haig) poses for the credits.

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