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'Allo 'Allo Episode Guide - Series 6-9

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Please Note: All episode titles are ones I invented on my own since there were no official sources of titles. On occasion, when the episodes were rerun on the BBC during 1998-2000, titles were given for some episodes. Also, some episodes were titled on the official VHS releases in the late 90's. Where I have been able to find official episode titles, I list them after my own. No episodes in series 6 through 9 have yet had their official titles revealed, to my knowledge.

Over the many years I've been maintaining this guide, a number of people have begun using my episode titles as official titles, including many television stations. Effectively, that means you need to have both sets of titles available to figure out what episode you are watching. I'm very sorry for the confusion; I only wish I'd been able to get to the official titles back in 1992 when I started this guide!

Series 6

Series 7

Christmas Special 2

Series 8

Series 9

10th Anniversary Special

Full Episode Descriptions

Below are the episode descriptions. All episodes are 30 minutes long. Exceptions are noted after the episode titles.

Series 6

Episode Summaries by Jeff Peck, with help from Jerry G. and Moray Nichols:

(Note: Jack Haig died suddenly before the start of this series, so a quick replacement was made. It is never seen on screen, but Rene tells us at the opening of 6.1 that "our" Roger Leclerc exchanged places with his brother Ernest in the nick, after going there to visit him. It had something to do with the prison food being better than Madame Edith's cooking)

Note: Series 6 is rarely shown on American television, apparently due to a much higher price for this one set of episodes. Most television stations show either series 1-5 or series 1-5 and 7-9, skipping over series 6. If yours shows series 6, write them and thank them!

6.1 The Ghost of Rene

Rene is preparing to pay his respects to his dead twin brother, but Michelle warns him not to go to the grave. The Resistance are building a communication center there, which will overcome the German jamming. Meanwhile, there is a new plan for the Airmen to wade down the canal with an upturned tin bath over their heads. Flick and Von Smallhausen disguise themselves as airmen and learn just enough English ("fa,fa,fa,fa,fa,fa") to be rescued by the Resistance. Colonel Von Strohm tries to tip Rene off about the Gestapo plans, but to no avail. Fanny announces that newly-freed Ernest and she are getting married.

Meanwhile, Von Klinkerhoffen has become aware of the unusual activities in the churchyard, and has Gruber interrogate Alphonse. The center is made ready that night, so Rene and Edith head for the cemetery. Unfortunately, Gruber and Helga decide to also visit the grave, since Gruber keeps seeing Rene's ghost saying "J' accuse" (or is it Jack Hughes?). Unfortunately, Elaine, the radio operator, has not shown up, so Alphonse gamely tries to work the mechanism. Rene gets caught on the aerial and rises above the gravesite, frightening Helga and Gruber, though Gruber asks for forgiveness and Rene complies...

Additional Actors:
Rikki Howard as Elaine (the Resistance radio operator)

Quote of the show:
"Mama, when will the happy event take place?"
"As soon as possible after we are married; what a stupid question!" - Edith asking Fanny the key question.

6.2 It's Raining Italians

To help alleviate the pain from the previous night's aerial excursion, many people try to massage Rene's back, but to no avail. Gruber confesses to Rene that he saw his twin's ghost, who forgave him for shooting him dead. He also warns Rene about the Gestapo plan and when it will take place. Michelle arrives and berates Rene for breaking the radio, which now has to be set up in Fanny's room. To top it all off, the airmen have still been sitting in the canal all this time.

Meanwhile, Von Klinkerhoffen decides that the regular army should be first with the "disguised as airmen" plan, so he recruits some of Bertorelli's men to be dropped out of a plane and then drop "anise balls" to give the tracking dogs something to follow. Michelle disguises Crabtree as a Resistance girl, and he captures Flick and Von Smallhausen, while Bertorelli's men (who have to be dropped out of the cargo bay since they're all scared of heights) get lost. Bloodhounds could not be acquired, so the Germans have to make do with poodles borrowed from the street walkers. The Gestapo are led to the hiding place, where they encounter the cafe staff disguised as monsters (the makeup artist used to work for Boris Karloff) as the Gestapo make a hasty exit.

Additional Actors:
Rikki Howard as Elaine (the Resistance radio operator)
John Readman as the lead Italian soldier
Phoebe Scholfield as Michelle's assistant

Quote of the show:
"Are you the men or are you the mice?"
"We are the mice!"
"I see. Now you are the *flying* mice!" - Capt Bertorelli talking his troops into parachuting.

6.3 The Goose and the Submarine

As Crabtree struggles to remove the huge false ears glued to his head from the previous night's disguise, Herr Flick and Von Smallhausen are arrested by the Germans while disguised as British Airmen, and try to explain what happened the previous evening (which Von Klinkerhoffen finds amusing). The General also does not believe a message a listening post has picked up (something about Jack and Jill in a bucket). He forces Helga (newly promoted to Lance Corporal) to keep tabs on Flick by marrying him, while the airmen finally make their way down the canal to the rendezvous. Helga spends all afternoon seducing Flick (who is actually quite shy). Michelle informs our heroes that they know they will be at the rendezvous when they see a goose with flashing eyes and smoke coming out of its tail. The Cafe staff rows to the estuary while the airmen once again get lost. The goose has a phone on it over which the submarine commander says they can't wait for the airmen any longer. Meanwhile, the Germans have to halt their search for the airmen when the periscope of the sub comes up right through their boat and sinks it.

Additional Actors:
Richard Seymour as the German guard who delivers flowers
David Griffin as the Submarine commander
Tim Brown as the Submarine lieutenant

Quote of the show:
"Take me Herr Flick, I am in the flood of my youth!"
"This I can see - in fact, some of it is spilling over." - Helga seducing Herr Flick.

6.4 Playing Dead Again

The soggy Germans and the airmen end up on the same bank together, where the British airmen are promptly captured. Unfortunately, Bertorelli is the only one with enough English to communicate with them (he's seen plenty of Humphrey Bogart pictures), so he uses the translation dictionary, which has mixed results. Rene and Edith are brought in, but fortunately the airmen deny having known them. Helga is ordered to break off her engagement with Flick, while we learn that the airmen are to be put on a train for Berlin by Nazi Intelligence in the morning. Rene tries to communicate with London, but mice have eaten the code book.

Gruber then stops by to secretly inform Rene about the airmen and gives him the keys to both the chateau and the cell. Michelle devises a plan to fool the guards by dressing as undertakers and carrying out the airmen in coffins (as they pretend to be dead, as in episode 2.6). Meanwhile, Flick and Von Smallhausen disguise themselves as Capt. Heisengerkin and Field Marshall Von Crackenfart to also capture the airmen. Unfortunately, the coffin plan has a few setbacks: Alphonse and Leclerc get into a sword duel while Crabtree drops one of the coffins down the stairs. Von Klinkerhoffen hears the noises, but fortunately Gruber is able to just barely cover for our heroes, who make a hasty exit (aborting the rescue plan) while the Gestapo men are arrested for impersonating army officers.

Additional Actors:
David Lloyd as a German guard
Trevor T Smith as the German guard who challenges the Gestapo.

Quote of the show:
"I hope this does not happen on the honeymoon!"
"Why not? Nothing else will happen." - Leclerc complaining to Fanny about the intrusion of using the radio.

6.5 Disguised Intelligence

Only one thing keeps Rene from legging it to Spain after last night: there is not enough money in the till. Gruber pays another visit and says that fortunately the Intelligence officers will be arriving by car instead, while the General is off visiting Big Bertha (the gun, not his bit of stuff). Colonel Von Strohm interrogates Herr Flick and Von Smallhausen, but cannot give them their punishment, since Himmler calls and wants them released (all thanks to Helga). Michelle wants to hijack the car with the Intelligence officers and then use their uniforms to infiltrate the chateau and get the airmen out. Fanny, Leclerc, and the wheelchair stop the car and the Resistance jumps out with guns pointing. Rene and Edith are (reluctantly) chosen to be the faux officers, and are able to infiltrate the chateau. Unfortunately, the airmen end up handcuffed to the wrists of Rene, Edith, and Mimi, and the keys are in Berlin. Added to that, the car needs to be push started, whereupon the brakes jam, as Leclerc madly drives down the road and our moptley crew is stranded in the middle of nowhere.

6.6 Fence Painting

Rene finds a hacksaw blade, but it breaks. Alphonse arrives with a chisel, but this too breaks, so the group leg it to the police station to have Crabtree free them. Meanwhile, Herr Flick is beginning to feel his career is in danger, so he decides to get his hands on the Fallen Madonna to sell so he can abscond with the money. Unfortunately, because the airmen have escaped, the German officers also have this plan in mind, so they ask Rene about finding them a fence. Flick stops by the cafe and demands the painting be brought to his headquarters tonight. The secret meeting about the painting is held, with Alphonse acting as the fence, and everyone else keeping paper bags on their heads. Fortunately, the painting is traded for the gold cuckoo clock weight.

Out in the cafe, Crabtree has been re-united with a lost love from the academy, who also speaks bad French and is now working for the Resistance. (It is claimed that the reason no one can understand Crabtree is that he is speaking posh French and the people in the village have an accent) Rene has a forgery sent to Flick, while the Germans change their mind about the trade and ask for hard currency. Rene decides to use some of the forged money Leclerc has been hiding in his mattress to trade for the gold. The exchange will be made at the church confessional booth. Unfortunately, Edith comes to confessional and enters Rene's booth. After her confessional, the real priest shows up and ends up getting the gold from the Germans.

6.7 The Marriage of Ernest & Fanny Leclerc

Von Klinkerhoffen has returned from Big Bertha a little edgy. He learns about the airmen getting away and concocts a mad plan to blow up the town if the airmen are not returned. Fortunately, Herr Flick and Von Smallhausen learn of this plan as Von Smallhausen enters the chateau (disguised as a boy scout) to steal the map of where the mines are located (one of which is located right under the cafe). Meanwhile, Fanny's & Leclerc's wedding day is at hand, as Michelle devises another plan to get the airmen home, using a marquee to be set up in the backyard of the cafe. A barrage balloon will be brought in, as well as tanks of helium, which are disguised as Algerian vegetable marrows. Fanny is too weak to walk to the church, so her whole bed is pulled down the aisle by Mimi, Yvette, Edith, and the airmen (disguised as bridesmaids). However, the couple soon fall asleep and it's up to Rene and Edith to complete the ceremony for them.

6.8 Von Klinkerhoffen's Breakdown

The Germans call on the help of General Von Flockenstuffen to help them with the mine dilemma. At the wedding party, Michelle tells our heroes that the balloon has been rigged under the table and will be inflated after dark. The basket to carry them will be brought in to collect the trash and then later dumped as the airmen leave. The Germans warn Rene about the bomb threat while the Leclercs stumble through their ceremonies at the party. The tanks begin to leak, so a song is played to cover up the noise. Unfortunately, everyone has inhaled the helium, so they all sound like chipmunks!

Herr Flick and Von Smallhausen find one of the mines in the sewer, which they accidentally start ticking. Von Smallhausen tries feverishly to disarm it, but it goes off in his face while Flick is running back up to the surface. Rene finds one in his cellar as well, and tries to tip off the Colonel, but is stopped by Louise. She is now the head of the Communist resistance and says that she had the bomb put there as part of her plan. Von Strohm is baited back to the cafe and he, Flick, and Von Smallhausen are tied to the bomb by the Communists. Von Flockenstuffen arrives (he too seems a bit crazy) and finds out about the bomb threat. He asks the reasoning behind Von Klinkerhoffen's plans, when just then the General enters the room. Von Klinkerhoffen launches into a mad tirade about the superiority of Germany, while Von Flockenstuffen calls the military hospital, fruitcake ward. The balloon is made ready, but then the valve breaks. There is no berth for the balloon, so it has to be tied to the LeClerc's bed. Unfortunately, the bed begins to fly away, right past Von Klinkerhoffen's window at the hospital, where he begins to wonder whether he is crazy.

Series 7

Episode Summaries by Jeff Peck, with help from Jerry G:
7.1 Von Flockenstuffen In Command
Leclerc and Fanny are brought down in the town square after the helium runs out, where they are then arrested and sent to prison. Since Von Klinkerhoffen's nervous breakdown, General Von Flockenstuffen has taken command, much to the chagrin of Von Strohm, Gruber, Bertorelli, and Helga. Edith manages to forge her own papers to release Fanny and Leclerc just as Von Smallhausen has himself arrested to interrogate the couple about the British airmen. Ultimately, the forged papers are discovered, and the newlyweds hide back at the cafe. Unfortunately, their spring-loaded Murphy bed has now pinned them behind the wall...
7.2 Free At Last!
Monsieur Alphonse, who made the Murphy bed, arrives to pry the couple out while Mimi tries to feed them soup through a hole using a bellows. Meanwhile, Von Flockenstuffen reveals his plans to kidnap Churchill, pulling rank on the recovering Von Klinkerhoffen. Von Strohm, Gruber, and Bertorelli have even greater doubts about the plan when the general puts them in charge of the suicide squad in the kidnapping. Flick has Von Smallhausen sprung from prison and the pair arrive just as the dynamite (borrowed from the resistance and disguised as candles) goes off in their faces and frees the newlyweds. That night, as Von Flockenstuffen is being entertained in the cafe, Helga and Bertorelli spring Von Klinkerhoffen. Von Flockenstuffen demands to visit the cellar, taking with him one of the dynamite candles. Von Klinkerhoffen arrives to relieve him just as the candle goes off.
7.3 Eloping to England
Rene is to be given a collaboration medal for his help with the removal of Von Flockenstuffen. Unfortunately, this causes the Communist resistance to place a price on his head. He decides once again to elope with Yvette. Michelle orders Rene to take the Airmen to the monastery to be picked up by a lightweight plane. Flick also learns of this news, and he and Von Smallhausen have themselves initiated into the brotherhood to gather information and capture the Airmen. Unfortunately, because of the dark and the fact that everyone is dressed in monks habits with hoods, Rene ends up grabbing Edith's hand instead of Yvette's, as the two are rushed aboard the plane bound for England.
7.4 Hello Hans!
Rene and an airsick Edith land in England where British Intelligence tries to find out why they aren't the Airmen. An officer from Deep Intelligence is brought in, and he turns out to be none other than Hans Geering. In the intervening time, Hans has become a British citizen with his knowledge of the Nazi army (and a little bit of brainwashing). At #10 Downing Street, Churchill desires to meet Rene and Edith, who he awards medals and citations (after a few drinks and a nap). However, Edith decides to return home after discovering that Fanny and Leclerc are ruining the bar. They are flown over Nouvion, and as Rene hugs Edith goodbye, the bomb door opens and the two of them are dropped out of the plane. Arriving back at the cafe just before they are to be arrested for being out past curfew, Rene learns that he did not qualify for the collaboration medal after all.
7.5 Lines of Communication
Michelle and Crabtree manage to get the Airmen back (they are currently hiding with pigs) by disguising them as sacks of potatoes. Michelle also hatches another plan to send them home by cutting down telephone poles to make a raft. Helga helps Flick and Von Smallhausen narrowly escape from the monastery. Meanwhile, Von Klinkerhoffen, upset by the amount of Resistance propaganda in the town, decides to restart the old newspaper and has Rene and Alphonse appointed to run it. Flick is out of petty cash and tries to call Berlin for more, thereby discovering the phone line plot. Alphonse suggests the Germans have their picture taken with Ernest and Fanny, to make them appear more humane (but which pair needs that help more?). Michelle also favors the paper, which she will secretly use to spread more Resistance propaganda. The picture with the couple fails (due to a newlywed tiff), and so a picnic is staged. Unfortunately, it is disrupted by Flick and Von Smallhausen falling in on a telephone pole (sawed halfway through by the Resistance) while trying to call Berlin.
7.6 The Spirit of Nouvion
The telephone pole plan having been discovered, the Resistance now try to get the Airmen out in wine barrels. Unfortunately, the Resistance is running out of funds, and Mimi makes a slip about the Fallen Madonna, so Michelle decides to steal the painting from Herr Flick and sell it to fund the Resistance. Meanwhile, Flick is forced to break up with Helga (Himmler told him so). Back at the newspaper, a "Spirit of Nouvion" contest is being held, as Edith, Yvette, and Mimi simultaneously show up to be photographed. That night, our heroes tunnel into Flick's office and break into the underside of the safe. At the same time, Von Strohm, Gruber, and Bertorelli break in through the front door. Rene is accidentally doused in flour before he enters the safe, and when the door is opened, Gruber again believes he is seeing Rene's dead twin brother's ghost. The Germans make a hasty exit and Rene gets the painting. He plans to switch it with a forgery, and is blackmailed by Edith, who forces him to select her as the "Spirit of Nouvion".
7.7 A Barrel Full of Airmen
Rene is going to make a run for the Spanish border disguised as an onion seller. Just as he is leaving, Von Strohm, Gruber, and Bertorelli show up and try to get an explanation about the theft. Rene hands over the painting, which in turn is unfortunately handed over to the General. Receiving this news, Flick decides he must make up with Helga to get back the painting. Von Klinkerhoffen decides to have his picture taken at the cafe for the propaganda paper. Michelle places the wine barrels, designed to transport the airmen, in Rene's cellar. Helga ignores Flick's advances and starts dating Bertorelli to make him jealous. Flick in turn tries to chat up the waitresses at the cafe, and Von Klinkerhoffen has him thrown out. The General then asks to see the wine cellar and ends up taking the barrels (with the airmen in them) back to his chateau.
7.8 Stuck!
The first edition of the paper comes out, with Edith's face gracing the cover alongside the general. Michelle discovers the painting she has is a forgery and develops a plan to get both the original and the Airmen out. Von Klinkerhoffen decides that for the second edition, a mixed marriage between a German and Frenchman should take place. Bertorelli is chosen, and his bride to be is Edith, who is still single. The General arranges for a party to be held for the new couple at the chateau, inviting all the local dignitaries. Flick and Von Smallhausen sneak into the chateau via the moat while Mimi uses the dumbwaiter to let Michelle and her troops in to get the airmen out through the underground river. Fanny is able to break up the cafe by claiming Edith does not own it, and the Gestapo set off a fake fire alarm to cover their theft of the painting. To top it all off, the Airmen become stuck in the sewer in the center of town.
7.9 The Ice Cream Truck
Rene is forced to stuff mustard and sausages down his trousers to slide down to the airmen in the sewer, while a soup tank is being fitted to the bottom of Fanny's chair. Unfortunately, Fanny has gone to visit her sister, so Edith has to impersonate her. Alphonse tries to pry open the hinges on the sewer grate but they are too rusty, so he concocts a scheme worthy of Michelle. Rene will use his old ice cream truck to cover up the grate while Alphonse bangs at the hinges with his chisel. Meanwhile, Von Smallhausen makes a copy of the Fallen Madonna, while Flick tries to woo Helga once more. However, she has gone on a training course and is replaced by Private Elsa Bigstern, who takes to a surprised Flick immediately. The ice cream van is rolled in, and Von Klinkerhoffen protests its presence. But the heat gets to all of them and he decides to purchase some ice cream. However, as Yvette pumps it, the winch that is pulling up the grate blows out the pump on the ice cream maker, which starts spurting out vanilla all over the General.
7.10 The Gypsy Carnival
Abandoning Alphonse's truck idea, Michelle discovers an old charter which states that a gypsy fair is always held on the solstice. One of the gypsy tents could be placed over the grate, and they could finally get the airmen out. Flick has Elsa place the forgery in Von Strohm's office. Rene and Edith visit the gypsies, who read their palms. The gypsy leader claims that Edith was really Romanna, the Gypsy Princess. However, he quickly changes his mind when he hears her sing. The General discovers the painting and has Von Strohm, Gruber, Bertorelli and Bigstern arrested. The gypsies cancel because of a bad omen, so the cafe staff must take their places. Von Klinkerhoffen discovers the painting is another forgery, and releases his officers just in time for the start of the carnival. Rene is a fortune-teller in the tent covering the grate. The Airmen are given a chisel to try and break the hinges from the inside. Unfortunately, Gruber comes to communicate with Rene's dead twin brother. As the seance commences, the Airmen break out and push up the rug covering the grate, frightening Gruber who runs away. The airmen are followed by THREE MORE airmen who have been lost in the sewer for weeks. However, they take one look at Edith and head straight down into the sewer again while our airmen stay up top.

Christmas Special 2

Information and Summary by Jerry G.
X.2 Christmas Special 2 (45 minutes)
Rene tells us it is now Sept. 13, 1943, and two years have passed since our last meeting. He tells us that the two British airmen have finally escaped back to England, and Capt. Bertorelli has departed, following the Italian withdrawal. Also, the war is going badly for the Germans. For once, all is calm in Rene's world.
(Note that the departures of the airmen and Capt Bertorelli are simply handled "off-screen", that is, Rene tells us about it but we never see them occur.)

Yvette disturbs Rene's newly-found peace with the claim that she is pregnant with his child, a "secret" that is known almost instantly by the town, the Germans and even the fighters in England. Still, the true identity of the father remains unknown. Von Strohm, Gruber and Helga concoct a plan for Helga to steal the painting of the Fallen Madonna from Herr Flick. Before turning the painting over to Von Strohm and Gruber (who wish to sell it off and escape to Spain), Helga removes one of the painting's "boobies" to insure her part in the eventual pay-off. Von Klinkerhoffen drops his first hint about his desire to assassinate Hitler, but Von Strohm and Gruber fail to pick up on the idea.

Series 8

All Information and Summaries by Jerry G.
8.1 Radio Free Flamenco
Michelle informs Rene of her plan to create a traveling propaganda radio station, broadcasting messages on prerecorded wax cylinders. However, a parachute drop by the British fails to hit its target when the British are hit by a missile fired by Gruber, instead dropping the cylinders into the chimney of the German-controlled chateaux. Conveniently, Rene and the others take the place of a traveling Spanish flamenco dance troupe scheduled to perform at the chateaux in order to retrieve the tubes. Unknown to Rene, though, Gruber had arranged to deliver a photo and sample of the painting to an art dealer/contact within the dance troupe. Instead, the photo and samples are given to Monsieur Alphonse.
Also, Crabtree sings again!
8.2 The Great Pay Robbery
When Michelle realizes the importance of the photo of Gruber holding the painting, she decides to blackmail the Germans for 10 million francs. Having no choice but to resort to robbery, Von Strohm, Gruber and Helga--disguised as resistance girls--plan to hold-up the incoming German pay truck. Flick and Von Smallhausen learn of the plans after drugging Helga with a truth serum, and attempt to intercept the pay truck themselves, also by disguising as resistance girls. Flick and Von Smallhausen arrive after the robbery occurs but are arrested by Von Klinkerhoffen as the guilty party to the crime. Back at the cafe, Rene and company record their first propaganda broadcast.
8.3 Blowing Up Hitler
Yvette arranges a secret meeting for her and Rene with a local priest to discuss a possible marriage. Von Klinkerhoffen revives his plan to assassinate Hitler and Goering, who are visiting for lunch. In fact, though, the two senior Germans turn out to be impostors sent as decoys. Meanwhile, Helga plans to sneak dynamite into the prison where Flick and Von Smallhausen are held. The dynamite, disguised as knockwurst sausages (what else?), instead finds its way to the luncheon for the German officers, and the two impostors are killed in the explosion. Von Klinkerhoffen orders Von Strohm and Gruber to disguise themselves as Hitler and Goering so that they may be seen driving through Nouvion alive and well. Back at the cafe, Mimi plans her own assassination attempt of the Germans, which naturally goes awry. (Note: The Hitler impersonator in this episode was played by David Janson, who would later replace Richard Gibson as Herr Flick in series 9.)
8.4 Lead Shortage
Von Strohm decides to make a downpayment on the ransom owed to the Resistance. Crabtree tells Rene that Michelle has informed him the battery used for the mobile radio station isn't strong enough, and lead is needed to improve the power. Yvette, Crabtree, Mimi and Alphonse sneak into the church to remove some lead from the roof. While serving as lookouts for the rest of the group, Rene and Edith are mistaken for another "couple." Meanwhile, Von Strohm and Gruber are again disguised as Hitler and Goering as Von Klinkerhoffen orders them to be seen driving out of his jurisdiction. However, they are captured by Louise and the Communist Resistance!
8.5 Hitler Escapes!
Michelle discovers that the Communist Resistance are holding Hitler and Goering (in fact, Gruber and Von Strohm) and plans to meet with the opposition to discuss radio broadcast options. However, when the two factions meet, a fight breaks out between the women over Rene (of course). While the fight is taking place, Crabtree, Yvette and Alphonse attempt their own kidnapping of "Hitler" and "Goering" from the other side of the barn. They fail when an attempt to use a charging bull goes out of control. Gruber and Von Strohm escape in the confusion and head to the cafe. Meanwhile, Flick and Von Smallhausen face a close call at a firing squad for their alleged part in the pay truck robbery.
8.6 A Fishful of Francs
After escaping from the cafe disguised as a woman, Von Strohm later agrees to pay the photo ransom to the resistance by stuffing the 10 million francs into a large dogfish, to be released into the river and retrieved by the resistance. However, Alphonse instead catches the fish while on a picnic with Edith. Realizing a profit is to be made on the large fish, he sells it to the local fishmonger, who in turns sells it to Von Smallhausen, who prepares it for a dinner for Flick and Helga. While eating the fish, the loot is finally discovered by Flick, who immediately offers a trade of the money to Von Strohm for the painting. Meanwhile, on orders from Von Klinkerhoffen, Rene and Edith are used as decoys for Hitler and Goering as the Germans plan to ambush any resistance group planning on attacking the two "Germans" as they leave town. Before they can complete the ruse, though, Rene and Edith are captured by Allied-sympathetic German troops and are lined up for execution.
8.7 Emigration
Edith and Rene are rescued by British troops prior to their execution, and are released in the woods when their true identities are revealed. Edith's mother and Leclerc, assuming Rene and Edith to be dead, make off with the cafe's money and flee to Paris. Upon finding out that the photo of Gruber holding the painting has indeed been passed on to Von Klinkerhoffen, the two German officers decide to make their escape to Spain with the traveling flamenco dancers. Before they depart, though, they meet with Flick at the cafe to swap the painting for the 10 million francs. Both sides trick each other, though, as Flick has substituted scrap paper for the money, and the fleeing officers had only given Flick the disembodied "boobie." Finally, Yvette and Rene find out the pregnancy results were an error.

Series 9

All Information and Summaries by Jerry G.
9.1 Fighting With Windmills
Gruber and Von Strohm return from their failed escape attempt. Rene agrees to hide the painting, still missing a boobie, and suggests the Germans fake their own kidnapping by hiding in the windmill. Rene must later rescue them, though, as Von Klinkerhoffen decides to use the windmill for target practice. Rene rescues the pair, but is left alone only to be taken hostage himself by the girls of the Communist resistance. Meanwhile, a heavily-bandaged Flick tells Helga he has had plastic surgery to avoid capture by the Allies.
9.2 Missing And Presumed Dead
Rene finds himself living as a love slave to the Communist resistance. Gruber and Von Strohm try to collect the painting, but Edith is unsure of its whereabouts. The pair agree to pay for a statue of Rene, who is assumed killed in the windmill explosion. Flick reveals his new face and tries to swindle Edith out of the painting. Von Klinkerhoffen takes Gruber and Von Strohm hunting, where they shoot Rene, who is escaping from the resistance by disguising himself under a elkskin bedspread.
9.3 Rene Artois is Still Dead
Rene has buckshot removed from his rear. Michelle plans to smuggle Rene to England, since he is still assumed by the Germans to be dead in the windmill explosion. Flick continues to pump information from Edith. After the plans to go to England are delayed, Rene instead decides to turn himself into the Germans, faking amnesia from the explosion.
9.4 The Fishmonger Float
Michelle tries to send important microfilm to England via a homing pigeon, but fails. Instead, new plans call for the group to sail to England with the film on a motorized float under the guise of the annual fishmonger's parade. Von Klinkerhoffen tells Gruber and Von Strohm of his plans to assassinate Hitler with an exploding picture frame. Flick and Von Smallhousen kidnap Mimi and Yvette, using their clothes and keys to enter the cafe to search for the painting.
9.5 Sand Trap
Alphonse continues work on the statue of Rene. Von Klinkerhoffen takes Gruber and Von Strohm golfing, where they discuss the assassination plans. Meanwhile, Flick, Von Smallhousen and Helga listen in on the plans via a bugged golf club. Later, at the train station where the painting is to be delivered, Flick intercepts the picture frame, instead thinking it is the original painting of the "Fallen Madonna." The villagers arrive at the coast, but instead find the Allied troops invading the beach.
9.6 Denouement
The Allies are nearly ready to reach Nouvion. Yvette asks to see Rene in the back room, where they find the two British airmen, once again shot down. The next day, the Allies reach the cafe. Gruber and Von Strohm decide to use the uniforms of the two British airmen to try to mingle out with the Allies, but they are caught as Von Klinkerhoffen arrives at the cafe to conduct the official surrender. Flick and Von Smallhausen try to use a mini-submarine to reach the ocean, via a secret tunnel under the town. Instead, they crash through the wall of the cafe, into the arms of the Allies. The war ends, and Rene is pinned with a medal as a hero by the Allies.

The scene outside fades to the near present. A fancy Mercedes pulls into the square, where an old chauffeur, Von Strohm, opens the door for the rich owners of the car--Helga and Gruber. They enter the cafe to find things amazingly similar. They are told by Rene's young adopted son that he is outside, where Yvette is helping him use the public facility. Everyone ends up meeting in the square, next to the statue of Rene built by Alphonse. Upstairs, an older Mimi attends to the bedridden Edith. Outside, Gruber tells Rene how he became an international art dealer after the war. Rene explains that he never found the painting, which he accidentally misplaced just prior to the invasion. Gruber accidentally strikes the arm of the statue and it breaks, and the rolled-up painting falls out of the concrete statue. Stunned by the sudden recovery of the long-lost art work, everyone enters the cafe to decide how to split up the painting, now worth millions. Rene and Yvette, now carrying the painting, instead sneak over to Gruber's car. Edith, now hobbling down into the square, sees them. ("Rene! What are you doing with that serving girl?!?" ... "You stupid woman....can't you see?!") The final shot is of the car pulling away from the square, with everyone else in a slow walking chase.

10th Anniversary Special

B. The Best of 'Allo 'Allo (summary by Jeff Peck; add'l info from Murray Park and James Kew):
(50 mins long - aired in England on Wed, 17 August 1994)
Rene and Edith are celebrating her birthday in the Alps this year. He orders champagne and she orders a cake which reads "35" - she is taking years off for the War (and WWI and the Crimea). They begin to reminisce about the war years, and we are treated to a series of interlinked clips (the episodes from which the clips come are listed in parentheses).

They start with the arrival of Leclerc, Flick and Gruber (1.1), Michelle and her "only once" plans, long lost Maria (1.2), and Rene's first interrogation by Von Klinkerhoffen and eventual shooting (1.5). Next they move to the radio and Gruber's regrets over shooting Rene (6.1), the flying nun (4.4), Crabtree's bad french (2.4), the exploding nose (5.10), Gruber's advances (2.6, the dancing scene), and Rene's near death at the sawmill (5.4). Rene remembers his affairs with the girls, and Fanny and Leclerc and their foldup bed (8.2), Leclerc's disguises, Alphonse's love for Edith (2.4) and Flick's romance with Helga (1.2, where they are both dressed in the same underwear).

All this reminiscing brings the two of them to re-affirm their love for each other, as the two clink glasses and remember the time they sang "Sweet Sixteen" together (5.18).

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