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Sound & Video Clips from 'Allo 'Allo

This is just the beginning of a hopefully ever-changing selection of sound and clips from the show. I haven't yet worked out all of the kinks in my sound sampling software, but I'm working on it...

All the sounds are in WAV (Windows WAVE) format, unless otherwise specified.
All the videos are in MOV (QuickTime Movie) format.

Video Clips

I've temporarily taken down the video clips until I can figure out why they don't seem to play on Windows machines (which, unfortunately, most people have). I'm also going to shrink them a bit -- 18 Meg was quite a download!


aatheme.mp3 (1300K) The full opening theme from 'Allo 'Allo, in convenient MP3 format.
NEW! jetaime.mp3 (1500K) NEW! Je T'aime: A pop single released as a 45 record in the late 80's in Britain, this is a produced-just-for-radio song with Rene fooling around with his waitresses. The flipside of the single is the interview found below:
Many thanks to Carol Good for providing these MP3's!
NEW! interview.mp3 (975K) NEW! The flipside of the pop single above is this interview with Gorden Kaye and a radio host (?).
Many thanks to Carol Good for providing these MP3's!
louise.wav (305K) Crabtree singing "Louise" from Episode 5.23: Enigma. HUGE FILE!
sweet16.wav (113K) Rene starting to sing "Sweet Sixteen" to Edith, from Episode 5.18: Leclerc Against The Wall - but luckily, the file cuts off just as Edith starts to join in!
hans.wav (148K) Hans doing his "drug in the jug" speech, from the first Christmas Special. HUGE FILE!
opening.wav (221K) The opening theme of the show. Includes sound effects of Rene entering the cafe and walking to the bar. Huge file!
listenvery.wav (36K) Michelle instructs Rene to pay attention:
    Michelle: Listen very carefully - I shall say this only once.
bringhim.wav (21K) Helga orders a soldier to bring in a prisoner:
    Helga: Bring him in here!
goaway.wav (16K) Helga orders the solider to leave, after bringing in the soldier:
    Helga: Go away!
yesherrflick.wav (17K) Helga obeys a direct order from Herr Flick:
    Helga: Yes, Herr Flick.
tapestry.wav (37K) Rene apologizes to Michelle for getting confused:
    Rene: How quickly I have lost the thread of this tapestry of intrigue.
cabaret.wav (128K) M. Leclerc introduces Madame Edith at the Cabaret:
    Leclerc: Ladies and gentlemen, now it is cabaret time at the Cafe Rene, and tonight to sing for you we have... Madame Edith. (Leclerc tries to start applause)
frailshutup.wav (96K) Fanny upbraids Rene:
    Fanny: So! At last you come to see your poor, old frail mother-in-law!
    Rene: Shut up!
heil.wav (20K) Herr Flick leaves the Colonel's office:
    Flick: Heil Hitler!
    Von Strohm: Heil Hitler!
    Hans: tler!
alloallo.wav (45K) Rene uses the radio:
    Rene: 'Allo 'Allo, this is Nighthawk. Are you receiving me? Over.

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